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Why H+O?

Leading With Our Values

Embrace Growth
Constantly challenge how we think, interact and operate.
Be a Partner
Recognize the perspectives of others.
Be Responsive
Anticipate client needs.
Our Design Process

Process. Clarity. Results.

The H+O design process makes a difference.

Quality Control
Throughout the design process to deliver a consistent product.
Create Opportunity
For our team to grow and better serve our clients.
Eliminate Inefficiency
And meet design deadlines.

H+O Team

We positively impact each development and build lasting relationships.

H+O is built on positive culture and customer focus. Our experience in high-rise design, large scale developments and steel manufacturing yielded systems that produce predictable and repeatable results. Aligned by our mission, H+O is positioned to deliver a better experience to architects and developers across the country.

BEST ADVICE: Become a life-long learner. It leads to compounding growth and opportunity.
HOBBIES: Golf, water skiing, snowboarding, CrossFit and a good laugh.
SOMETHING ELSE: I am a Certified Value Growth Advisor. Curious? Just ask!

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Bachelor of Science – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Master of Science – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

BEST ADVICE: Approach everything with curiosity and never stop questioning whether there is a better way of doing things. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." -Thomas Edison
HOBBIES: Golf, hiking, traveling, skiing, brewing beer, photography (newly learning!).
SOMETHING ELSE: I started an online homebrew supply business years ago. During that same time we brewed all the beer for a good friends wedding....75 gallons to be exact!

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Bachelor of Science – Lafayette College
Master of Science – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BEST ADVICE: Embrace being challenged and learn something new every day.
HOBBIES: Board games/D&D, musical theatre, snowboarding and watching hockey.
SOMETHING ELSE: I've been a singer ever since I learned to talk!

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Project Manager

Bachelor of Science – Merrimack College
Doctor of Philosophy – Northeastern University

BEST ADVICE: Do what makes you happy and practice enough to make your own luck.
HOBBIES: Adventuring! Hiking, fishing, hunting, canoeing and golfing
SOMETHING ELSE: I've been up to my knees in muck carrying a canoe on my shoulders.

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Cole Janisch, P.E. S.E.
Project Manager

Bachelor of Science – University of Wisconsin - Madison
Master of Science – Kansas State University

BEST ADVICE: Seek input from all walks of life. Its amazing what another person’s perspective can teach you.
HOBBIES: Skiing, golf, hockey and watching stand-up comedy.
SOMETHING ELSE: I coach a local youth hockey team and have won back-to-back state championships.

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Ryan Hazelwood, P.E.
Project Manager

Bachelor of Science – University of Utah
Master of Science – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BEST ADVICE: Strive to do your best with an open mind.
HOBBIES: Fishing, hunting, woodworking, weightlifting, primitive living skills, crafts and exploring nature.
SOMETHING ELSE: I salvage timber and mill it into furniture.

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Tim Maurer, P.E. S.E.
Senior Engineer

Bachelor of Science – University of Evansville
Bachelor of Science – University of Southern Indiana

BEST ADVICE: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -Thomas Edison
HOBBIES: Dancing, singing, musical theater, golfing, watching basketball and football
SOMETHING ELSE: I was on the UVM Dance Team and attended every home basketball game. I'm still a huge fan and attend games regularly, go Catamounts!

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Elizabeth "Teddy" Guerin, E.I.T.
Project Engineer

Bachelor of Science – University of Vermont

BEST ADVICE: When learning a new skill, first you must accept some faults before improving. "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill
HOBBIES: Golf, skiing, soccer, fishing and gaming.
SOMETHING ELSE: My friends and I once entered a broomball tournament. We finished fourth.

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Anthony Visconti, E.I.T.
Design Engineer

Bachelor of Science – Merrimack College
Master of Science – Merrimack College

BEST ADVICE: Pursue your interests, keep an open mind and never stop learning.
HOBBIES: Fishing, hiking, golfing, camping, researching and learning.
SOMETHING ELSE: I am fascinated by financial markets, I enjoy trading stocks and reading SEC filings in my free time.

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Jacob Wohlman, E.I.T.
Project Engineer

Bachelor of Science – University of Colorado

BEST ADVICE: Be considerate of the task at hand, your skillset, and desired results. "If I had six hours to chop down a tree,I'd spend the first four hours sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln
HOBBIES: Anything that gets me outside and up to the mountains.
SOMETHING ELSE: If it’s a Colorado powder day, I may be returning your call from the chair lift!

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Aaron Wetherbee, P.E.
Project Manager

Bachelor of Science – University of New Hampshire
Master of Science – Northeastern University

BEST ADVICE: Luck favors the prepared. I believe that working hard and going the extra mile puts you in the best position to be successful.
HOBBIES: Cooking, hiking, snowboarding, and running
SOMETHING ELSE: I love working in the wood shop in my spare time.  Most of the furniture in my home was built by me or my dad.

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John Chamberlin, E.I.T.
Project Engineer

Bachelor of Science – University of Pennsylvania


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Georgios Michos
Design Engineer

Bachelor of Science - Wentworth Institute of Technology